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Big Dog Tales

Spring 2001 and I'm waiting at Euston station for a man named Kermit to arrive off a train from Manchester.  Formerly of popular Manc band Black Grape, Kermit now fronts a group named Big Dog whose mix of funk and rock is hardly setting the world alight, and yet I have somehow managed to get him a day's-worth of interviews.

I have two concerns: firstly that I have no proof that he actually boarded the correct train, and secondly that Euston station seems to be over-populated by policemen on this particular day and Kermit is known for enjoying some of the less legal of smokes, particularly after a long journey.

Some weeks previously, I had been to see Big Dog perform live in Sheffield at a university gig which was memorable for one reason only - on the way back to my £40 hotel, I had - for the first and last time ever - been propositioned by a "lady of the night".

Trudging down one of Sheffield's seven hills in light drizzle, a woman around 20 years older than me and conspicuously under-dressed for the northern weather in a fake fur coat and underwear, stepped out from a bus stop and said the most sensual words a man could wish to hear: "Fancy a jump, love?"

It took a while to register what "a jump" was, but I politely declined and went on my way.  Fast-forward to Euston station and, through a crowd of businessmen and day-trippers, I notice my subject for the day, largely because he is also wearing a fur coat and he's smoking a gigantic spliff.

Frantically, I look around to check the whereabouts of Her Majesty's constabulary and by chance they're all occupied in various corners of the station - lots of elderly people requiring directions to the British Library.  Despite Kermit being about a foot taller than I am, I somehow manage to hide him under my jacket, spliff and all, and we skip off to face the first interview of the day......