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New Business (Perils of)

We are humbled and grateful to have been heaven-sent some gorgeous new business early in 2018 and we've also been writing a lot of new biz proposals, which is delightful and coincidentally reminds me of a story..... 

It is 2003--ish and I am sent to a potential new business meeting with a global superstar who, for legal reasons, we shall call Michael Batley, an American of Yorkshire descent who has made his considerable fortune through the medium of Morris dancing. 

After barely a few minutes of our meeting - not, I stress, with Batley himself, who is doubtless busy wielding a stick and a handkerchief at some soulless arena somewhere in the world, but with his London representatives - it is clear that the gulf between expectation (theirs) and reality (everyone else's) is not inconsiderable, a situation commonplace in the world of PR and something I doubt they teach on those higher education courses in "Publicity Management"  

I return to the office convinced that this potential new business should be avoided new business and miraculously my boss agrees.  He suggests I construct an unusually poor proposal document with a high fee, fax it over to Batley's mob and wait for rejection with the champagne to hand.  I obey. 

Everything goes to plan until Team Batley responds saying that they love the proposal, are happy to pay the fee and can we start tomorrow.  The champagne remains on ice.  

What follows is six months of high comedy mixed with extreme torment as the gap between expectation and reality widens until it can be seen from space. But as my boss pointed out, they still paid the fee......