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On Advertising (Blatant Attempt To Become Rich!)

I am not a fan of advertising. In fact, when it comes to this particular discipline, I subscribe to the Bill Hicks school (if this cultural reference is a mystery to you, please go to YouTube and search Bill Hicks Advertising Marketing then watch the master at work.) 

i have never knowingly bought anything on the basis of seeing an advert. Occasionally I do like an advert; the one at the moment with the little girl who tries to pay the kindly shopkeeper with buttons and a toy unicorn makes me cry but it doesn't make me want to rush out and buy chocolate. I have better things to do with my buttons and toy unicorn........

And yet. And yet.........the other day I was in the car (returning from the gym, Detail Fans!) and I suddenly came up with the greatest idea for a TV advert in the history of commercial broadcasting. I relate it here in the hope that one of you shares it with a creative chum at one of our top advertising boutiques and pays me handsomely for the original genius.  

We are in a traffic jam (so far, so La La Land). A driver is singing along to a song on the radio, self-consciously at first but then he looks at the drivers on either side (elderly lady and younger family - key demographics!) and they're all singing the same song.  

The song is Let Your Love Flow by the Bellamy Brothers but of course this is merely the first in a series of adverts using different songs and eventually each new advert becomes "event television" which can be promoted through social media and dissected by the citric tongue of Dan Wootton.  

Anyway, by the end of the advert, the whole traffic jam has become a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, all singing, all dancing cacophony of human joy. A three-minute pop single has united everyone and taken the traffic jam from a thing of tedium to a place of beauty. Fuck knows what it's advertising but that's someone else's problem. £250k for that please. Cash only.