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My First Glastonbury

June 1987 and I have driven my brown Austin Allegro, a car which was famously more aerodynamic when travelling in reverse gear, from York University to Worthy Farm just in time to see Minnesota noise merchants Husker Du - the band I really wanted to see - walk off stage after their set. 

Disappointing though this was, 20-year old me shrugged it off and wandered around the site, along with two student mates, to see what else the Glastonbury Festival had to offer.  

And of course it had much. Not as much as it does today but perhaps slightly more of certain things and of a consistently better quality. And then there was the music.  Robert Cray, New Order (on a good day!), Julian Cope, The Blue Aeroplanes and many more.  

However, by 11pm on Saturday, the three of us had decided we had seen enough and embarked upon a Plan B. To see in the summer solstice at Stonehenge just down the road.  So we fired up the Allegro and pootled up the A303 where we parked at about midnight to get some sleep. 

At about 2.30am, we were woken by the sound of voices. Lots of voices. A group of miscellaneous travellers, new age folk and Druids were making there way towards the Stones where a murmuration of policemen were waiting for them, on edge since the notorious Battle of the Beanfield two years earlier.   We joined the march and prepared for trouble  

After a short but peaceful negotiation - as well as a pre-dawn mid-air dogfight between a police helicopter and a hippy in a microlight -the land-based police decided that we posed no threat to public order and allowed everyone as close to Stonehenge as was possible. Just in time for the sun to peep over the horizon.