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Birthdays and Ballots

Today (Sunday) is my birthday - if you're watching the Monday repeat then yesterday was my birthday. I am (was) 50. I don't find this in the least bit scary for a number of reasons, not least because I didn't actually ever expect to reach 50. There were moments in my 20s when I didn't expect to hit 30 but hey! 

So, 50. Wow!  Not scary. Because I'm in a pretty good place. Personally, all is good. I'm looking out at a tidy garden from a house that many people envy. I know this makes me very fortunate which is why I give a snuck as I can to charity (and those mad people who choose to do marathons and jump from aircraft and all that.  

Health-wise (touching wood) I'm fitter than I've been for years thanks to Pilates, gym and all the other stuff that not having a rigid 9 to 5 existence allows. (Yes, I may be on duty for 15 hours a day but it's flexible, right?). The BUPA folk were very happy with me when they did their prodding and poking a few weeks back.  I intend to make them even happier next time.  And you know what? I actually love going to the gym.  

Professionally all is well. B&G is having a good year again and it's very special to be working with super clients who appreciate what you do. As opposed to.......the other sort of people.   And if we get a bit more work, we can dream about moving away from tinned food some time around September!

There's only one problem looming on the horizon.  

Who the hell am I going to vote for in June?........