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Memories of The Brit Awards

During my 10 or so years in the music business, I attended the Brit Awards four times, never with any realistic hope of our crazy cohort of loons actually winning anything but always with the expectation that, once the TV cameras were turned off, there would be a mad rush for the toilets to help the industry's finest acquire sufficient stimulation to survive until dawn.  

The exception to the rule was Brits 2000 where Jive Records was nominated for no fewer than SIX awards! 

Truly we had had a bumper year. Top 5 hits had become an almost weekly occurrence with a roster that included Britney, R Kelly, Backstreet Boys, Shanks & Bigfoot, The Tamperer and Groove Armada. Our Monday morning update meetings turned into regular celebrations as our MD, Steve Jenkins marvelled at the achievements of his team.  

Famously, at one Monday meeting, after we had secured five top 20 hit singles, Jenkins declared in his thick, West Midlands accent, that we could "put a turd in a CD case and it would sell". Arguably, with the second Solid Harmonie single, we did just that.  

So we arrived at The Brits 2000 with high hopes and as Basement Jaxx started the show, we felt confident. Gradually, however, hopes were dashed as each award which was rightfully destined for us.......went elsewhere.  

When the award for Best Pop Act went not to Steps but to the execrable 5ive, Jenkins could take no more and started throwing bread rolls at record companies on nearby tables, mostly Warners. It wasn't big and it wasn't clever but it was enormous fun. And we left with our heads held high. We may not have won the battle, but we sure as hell won the war!