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The Creatives Lose Again

So farewell, Jamie magazine. Yet another victim of what Danny Baker famously labelled "pin-headed weasels who know only timid, the generic and the abacus".  It could so easily have been different.  

I remember the launch many years ago when we revelled in the idea of a food magazine which could be a haven for writers, photographers, food stylists and illustrators to be given the time and space to do what they do best - tell glorious stories through their own chosen medium.  

It was a magazine which initially sparkled and fascinated with not just recipes but intelligent travel features, profiles and much more. But like others of greatness before it - stand up The Face, Word magazine, Smash Hits - market forces brought about an early bath.  

In my regular conversations with journalist friends, it seems the way at the moment is for cost-cutting to take precedence over quality writing, editing, pictures and opinion, almost as if it doesn't matter what's served up to the reader so long as it SELLS.  

Well it does matter. It matters more than ever. My personal theory is that this is the lunatic bean-counters finally getting revenge on the cool, cute, creative types for having all the sex at university. That's just the sort of petty, small-minded crap that bean-counters live for., sitting in their country houses furiously masturbating into the Financial Times.

So farewell, Jamie magazine. And to borrow from Rob Brydon, "I'm glad you're going. I've had it up to here with your wit, warmth and originality".