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Like Leonard Cohen, here at B&G we're guided by the beauty of our weapons, and our regular artillery consists of great contacts, great ideas and hopefully not being an annoying pair of buffoons.  


But recently our stockpile has also included the inspirational music of Britney Jean Spears and, in particular, her 2013 masterpiece, "Work B**ch" which proclaims that if you want anything in life, you've B**ch. 


Umpteen years into an astonishing career, the fact that Britney managed to combine Mittel European EDM with the lyrical pop ethos of Norman Tebbit's infamous Conference speech of 1981 is nothing short of genius.  


I was was fortunate enough to work with Britney at the beginning of her career (first album PR) and always found her delightful company if slightly fazed by sudden fame.  


What's very pleasing is that Britney now, at 34, appears happier than she's ever been, at least if the exceptional interview by Louise Gannon in Marie Claire is anything to go by (and I, for one, believe literally everything that Louise Gannon writes as she is one of our best celebrity interviewers).  


So so let's all take a moment to give thanks for Britney. When Marillion songwriter, Fish, plaintively asked in 1984, "where are the poets?  Where are the visionaries?" he could surely not have known that one of the greatest was soon to be born in Kentwood, Louisiana. Now, back to work, b**ch......