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There are days when all but the most egotistical suffer from self-doubt, and as everyone knows, I am not exactly Mr Ego McEgoface, the most egotistical man in Egotown.  It comes to us all and it can be triggered by all kinds of things.  

Maybe it's a few emails that don't get responses, maybe it's the weather. It could be anything. But you lift yourself up, make a cup of tea and crack on.  

I always try to return emails because it's polite innit. Even if the incoming mail is utterly bonkers. Only this morning I had mail from a PR company (won't name them; doubtless they have better lawyers than I), kindly offering vitamin supplements to Jamie and the children.  

Now, I don't know about you, but I suspect that most of us, with a teeny tiny bit of research, might figure out that being a high-profile crusader for fresh and nutritious food is unlikely to feel the need for supplements, preferring instead to get his vital minerals from, oooooh let's see, vegetables, but maybe I'm being too simplistic.  

Back to the self doubt and an incoming mail last week did start to make me question my own abilities and, possibly, my own sanity. But then two things happened. I thought long and hard about the mail and realised that it was the sender who was probably a bit crackers. 

And secondly, I had two lovely messages in a row from journalist friends saying how much they appreciated my hard work in making everything run smoothly. The ego equilibrium was thus rebalanced. Until next time. But we must all try our best to boost people's confidence and not dent it. We're all in this game together after all.