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....Sorry about the delay. We've been BUSY!!!  As a great friend of ours would say, we've been hustling and slaying all over town. And it feels good, although at some point our cleaner is going to take issue with the mess caused by all the random slaying but hey.  


I was launching the excellent Jamie Oliver Cookery School this week and chatting to lovely TV folk and bloggers. One of them asked me which other celebrities I had worked with and the name Billy Ocean came up, I guess because he's been doing the media rounds this month with his new album. 


At the Cookery School,  I told a story about Bill which can't be repeated here because we'll all end up in trouble but here's a story which can.  


The talented and fragrant Boyzone had recorded a cover version of Billy's No.1 hit "When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going) and had invited Billy to the video shoot to hear their interpretation of his track. Ronan and the guys are some of the loveliest people in showbiz and Billy is very polite so nothing could go wrong.  


Off we trooped to a warehouse in Acton where the video was being shot. Introductions were made; laughs were shared; it was a picture of music industry cordiality.  "Would you like to hear the track, Billy?," asked Ronan. Of course he did. So it was played. At top volume. In a warehouse.  


By the look on his face, Billy was desperately trying to think of something polite and positive to say. The track finished. Boyzone waited. And waited. Finally Billy smiled, took a deep breath, said, "It has a good beat", and walked away.......