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100 Days of Trading (roughly).......

.......and we have a Client page (thanks, Jay, you freaking legend!). We've had the clients; we just hadn't had time to do the page. But now we can grow steadily and see where this takes us.  


Talking of legends, I was having a conversation this week with a couple of people who have, like me, worked with some of the greats. And it's usually the people at the very top who are the nicest, most humble, most charming and just downright lovely (as opposed to the "rising stars" who can sometimes be........a challenge).  


People at the top of their chosen profession have nothing to prove. They know that simply be being themselves, they can command attention and they don't need to have a tantrum to get respect. They already have the respect so they just have to be lovely - to PRs, to media, to the person who brings the tea.  


It's priceless to be able to say, "I met that ******** of the telly and she was so lovely. Gave me a big smile when I came to change the toilet paper".  As opposed to, "you'll never guess who I had in the cab today. That ********* off the telly. So rude!  Swore at me, he did. I won't be watching him on TV again".


It's the same as in any business. Treat people with respect and kindness and you'll reap the rewards.  Years ago, I did a media junket with the great George Benson in his suite at the top of the Metropolitan hotel. When we finished the interviews at 4pm, George asked what he should do next - his dinner appointment wasn't until 7.  I told him that his time was his own. His answer? 


"OK, then let's order some champagne and talk about jazz!"  Legends, eh?  You can't touch them for style.