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In 2003, I heard a rumour that one of my favourite bands, The Blue Nile, were recording a new album.  To 97% of the population this news would be greeted with one word - "who?"  But for a select and somewhat slightly dazed 3%, this same news was the equivalent of learning that there was a new pill which could magically make you "beach-ready" in 1 hour regardless of your current size.

The four Blue Nile albums released since 1983 have demonstrated a band in no hurry to satisfy their fans' desperate craving for new material.  The gap between albums one and two was 6 years; between two and three, 7 years; and between three and four, 8 years.  That was the last.  The one I had the honour and privilege to PR.  In 2004.  Since then.....nothing.

Despite the fact that this minimal output contains some of the dreamiest music committed to acetate, it naturally tests the patience of some BN fans.  At one gig in 2005, the band played a new song having explained beforehand that it "wasn't finished" but was still just about worth hearing.

Of course, it was extraordinary and when the inevitable applause finally died down, one fan, unable to contain his excitement, shouted in broad Glaswegian, "RELEASE THE FUCKER IMMEDIATELY!!!"

Back in the bonkers world of B&G, we are having to be patient.  Although we want to race ahead and get office space and staff and all kinds of fancy bits and bobs, we know that we're better off using this time to build slowly and work hard for our clients (who will eventually appear on a "client" page of this site when we get round to it) so that we have the right foundations to amble forward.

However, we have advanced slightly over the last few days - we've nearly got our photos up on the B&G site.  And we have Post-It notes......