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The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted already that we now have photographs of ourselves on this website thanks to the creative skills of the magician Noel Murphy who has managed to channel the spirits of both Robert Mapplethorpe and Albert Hofmann in two single portraits.

Chloe Green, as ever, looks radiant and interesting whilst I look just about human.  This is the best I can aspire to.  There are only about four photographs of me in existence that I think are OK and the majority of these were taken before the age of five.

Photographs of oneself is a funny old thing.  I have friends whose selfies are never less than exquisite.  I have other friends whose selfies you never see because such things would frighten a pig.

Many years ago, I was working with the excellent and multi-talented Faye Tozer, then in the pop band, Steps.  We were doing a cover photoshoot for Sky magazine, a much-loved and much-missed monthly magazine edited by the equally excellent and multi-talented Mark Frith in fact, here is said cover

Faye was a total professional but she wasn't 100% happy with the bikini top.  As her PR, it was my duty to make her feel comfortable but also to make sure we got the cover.  Finally, she agreed to the bikini top but only IF one of the men in the studio also wore a bikini.  As there were no volunteers, I had no choice but to strip off and oblige.  We got the shot.  As you can see.

There is one polaroid in existence of me in a bikini back in 2001.  I think Faye has it, hopefully hidden away in a box in an attic room. Needless to say, it isn't one of the four photographs of me that i think are OK - although my abs looked good!...