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In the words of rock minor-royalty (actual royal equivalent - The Earl of Wessex), Kelly Jones from Stereophonics: "There's (sic) things I want.  There's (sic) things I think I want.  There's (sic) things I've had.  There's (sic) things I wanna have.” 

Things we have include clients.  They're lovely.  They're keeping us busy and this is a good thing.  One day, when we get a spare second, we'll add a whole "Client" page to this website.  In the same way, we'll add photos of ourselves looking human to the website but for that to happen, we need to find a day when certain key elements align. 

First, we need to find a day when our photographer chum isn't busy.  Second, we need to find a day when we're not busy.  Finally, we need to find a day when we're both having a good hair day.  This last happened in October so there may be a degree of patience required by all parties.

Amongst the other things that I find myself wanting these days are random items of stationery.  The other day I wanted Post-It notes.  I didn't have any.  I had to go to `Smiths and buy some.  While there I stocked up on Jiffy envelopes.  Which I've now used.  I need to get more. 

In the old days, we'd wander to the cave of wonders called "the stationery cupboard" but no such thing exists for B&G yet and so it's another trip to Smiths and the traditional avoidance of cheap confectionery offered at the till by a slightly dishevelled shop assistant.

And then there's (sic - just keeping with the Stereophonics lingo!) comp slips, headed paper.......OMG sticky address labels.  I NEED sticky address labels.  But I need them to be clever and witty and have little messages on them like in the old days when cool artists on independent record labels would scratch "secret" messages into vinyl run-out grooves.

That's one of this week's jobs.  If we get the time....... (PS. Thanks for reading; thanks for sharing; thank you for the kind comments about the colour scheme....x)