Berry & Green

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So we’re here.  Chapter 8 of my glittering career (don’t worry if you missed chapters 1 through 7 because doubtless they will get referenced liberally and tediously over the course of the next few months.  All except chapter 2 which was frankly rubbish.)

A new start.  A new hope - sorry George Lucas.  Something to nurture and believe in.  And something which we passionately believe will grow into a beautiful, humble, shiny thing which exists as a PR home-from-home for those celebrities and businesses who feel underserved (and over-charged) and just believe there has to be a better way, working with people who care and who know their stuff.

Almost 25 years ago, the great Theo Cowan took me to one side and he told me that “a celebrity client is simply a human being slightly out of control.”  Having worked with nearly every Hollywood star you’ve ever heard of, he knew what he was talking about and this was just one of the many nuggets of wisdom he imparted over our two years together before he left us.  It’s the same with brands.  Often there is so much going on that it’s hard to know where you are sometimes.  That’s where we can help.  With guidance and with ideas and with contacts and with loyalty.

When we decided to create Berry & Green we were excited, of course, but also nervous.  We knew we would care about our clients but would anyone care about us?  Would our reputations mean anything in this age of data analytics and graphs?  It turns out that people do care and so we have clients!  Already!  On day one!!  Thank you for taking a chance on us - we will not let you down.

Finally, why are we doing this now?  In 1984, in Europe on a promotional tour for his first album, the pop star and magician Lloyd Cole was asked: “So, Lloyd, you are in Rome and we have the Rattlesnake but why?” It was a question he found hard to answer.  So PB and Chloe, you are in 2016 and we have Berry & Green but why?  Because it feels right.  That’s all. And surely that’s the best reason to do anything...