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Two weeks into B&G and we're busy.  Delightful busy.  Not quite flat-out busy but comfortably busy; acceptably busy.  We're moving up the gears steadily and it's good in the same way that a hot water bottle on a chilly day is good.

We have clients.  They like us (so far).  And more usefully, we have time to think and to plan and to reconnect with people whom we've been neglecting rather.  This bodes well. 

When we started planning this venture, we joked that if it didn't work out then we'd end up working in Costa Coffee.  It was a pretty crappy joke, to be honest, and there was always a mildly uneasy sense that maybe we WOULD end up working in Costa Coffee (I should point out here that there's nothing intrinsically or, as far as I know, ethically wrong with working in Costa Coffee so the intention here isn't to upset any baristas out there but merely to illustrate a point.)

However, it looks like juggling lattes and flat whites is just dan well going to have to wait.

The other frankly lovely thing is the gentle wave of love on LinkedIn (hello LinkedIn).  I don't fully understand LinkedIn, if I'm honest, and only really started on it 6 years ago when the dynamic and generally superb Lindsay Evans told me to do so, possibly at gunpoint.  Nonetheless, this week no fewer than 11 spectacularly lovely people from "the old days" have got in touch.  This also bodes well.

Oh and we also sent our first invoice.  Incredibly, it got paid!  Already!  I know!  Onwards!