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A Sorta Anniversary

Exactly one year ago last week, I resigned from my previous job for reasons which cannot be written about here. The news was received with an unusual mixture of surprise, shock, dismay and the faint but unmistakable sound of champagne corks popping in a dusty corner of the building.  

At the time, it felt like a moment of great energy and excitement. Freedom beckoned. And then the inevitable doubts set in and I started to get through pairs of undercrackers at an alarming rate. , even the special ones with the extra padding. 

Billions of questions whizzed around my brain. Would anyone take a chance on this new business? (Answer: yes. Thank you, everyone!). Would any journalist return our emails ever again? (Answer: yes. Thank you, everyone). Would my children and puppy be able to eat? (Answer: well, you can guess).  

It's taken a wee while but we're now motoring at a decent speed and the engine is purring. Last week we had a big success with a story which lead to a client's phones ringing red hot - in a good way!   Igloos seem to be the big thing this winter!

Next week we're off on an overseas trip for another client who should get a smashing piece of publicity as a result. Most of the clients are happy. Maybe they all are. And they're all good people.  

We have higher gears to find and there will undoubtedly be the odd setback, but a year on from that moment of bravery or insanity, we're in a good place. And I haven't had to buy new undercrackers since March.