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Flowers and Cake!!!

Recently we had a phone conference with our accountant. We've never met our accountant but he seems like a delightful fellow and he comes highly recommended. We hope to one day meet him but, until we do, he is a mythical being. Chloe likes to imagine him as looking like Damien Lewis. To me he looks like the Ood from Doctor Who. One of us, at least, is in for disappointment. 


Anyway, he is happy with us, largely because we spend barely any money. We have no office (yet). Our courier expenses are zero because we tramp the streets delivering by hand (thank fuck Grazia magazine isn't in Burnley).  


In fact our biggest expense this year has been on flowers. This is because we send flowers to new clients (to thank them for backing a horse that's good for glue - copyright Guy Garvey) and to our media friends who help us. Their number is many. 


In addition, we use the best flower folk in London (take a bow, Bloomsbury Flowers). So you can see how our flower invoices stack up.  


But that's the B&G way. Good turns don't go unrewarded. People are thanked properly. Like the old days. Only without Thatcher.  


Soon, we'll be wandering the streets again, this time delivering cakes.  The blog isn't the place to plug clients (that's the Clients page which is outdated but hey) but these cakes are special. If they weren't, then we wouldn't be delivering them all by hand. That's also the B&G way. Nom nom nom.......