Berry & Green

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Big agency expertise. Small agency agility.


Peter Berry and Chloe Green worked within the Jamie Oliver Group of Companies for many years and in 2016 decided to form Berry & Green, a new communications agency combining 35 years of experience in celebrity PR, book PR, television publicity, restaurant PR and food PR. This allows us to use our strategic talents and unrivalled contacts in the media to work with a broad range of personalities and food businesses. Having previously worked with an eclectic mix of celebrity, restaurant and food clients, Berry & Green have built a reputation within the media for being hard-working, respected, honest and, importantly, liked.

Being a small agency allows us to be completely hands on, working closely with our clients, listening to their needs and investing time in their business so that we can carefully craft a tailored, targeted PR strategy, just for them. There is no "one-size-fits-all" fix in our business so every client gets bespoke treatment.

We believe in being there for our clients. Berry & Green are always on call and have a reputation throughout the media for always over-delivering when it comes to their PR requirements.


Alastair Gordon, UK Operations Director, Ole & Steen

"A year and half ago we decided to bring our beautiful Danish bakery to scary London and this is when Berry & Green i.e. Peter and Chloe came into our lives - two properly lovely people who know everybody that needs knowing in the food business, bullshit free, get shit done, brilliantly effective and when you have those occasional dark days you just need a catch up with B&G and everything is right in the world. I simply cannot recommend B&G highly enough, they have been a integral part of the team since the beginning and our torch in the crazy world of London PR, we simply could not of done it without their blog is hilarious."

Karen Barnes, Editor, Delicious Magazine

"I love working with Berry & Green because they tell it as it is, they work with great people, they get the job done speedily and they are a delight to deal with. They are also sincere. And funny. I prize these qualities." 

Shaun Phillips, Associate Features Editor, The Times

"While balancing on the fence between their clients and the media, good PRs understand the needs of those on both sides of the divide. They will not always be able to facilitate those needs, but they’re honest about it. Decency is still important, as is intelligence and efficiency. A sense of humour is a bonus. From my POV, Berry & Green seem to have it covered." 

Barney Desmazery

"Great PR is about the personable communication of what their clients can bring to what you’re working on. This is a skill at which both Peter and Chloe are brilliant, and what Berry and Green are all about."

Jon Lawson, Popolo Shoreditch

"Through our food, we have always tried to communicate to all the senses, so finding someone capable of helping us carry this message to the public was never going to be easy. In Berry & Green we have a team that are passionate, driven and connected where it really counts and most importantly have always felt like part of our growing family."

Richard Vines, Bloomberg

"They're smart. You feel like you are engaging with friends rather than being on the receiving end of a campaign. I just hope they don't go into politics."